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While we have spent years perfecting our general line of CDs, we are always happy to create custom products for your unique level of development and self-improvement.


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Best Sellers

1. Weight Loss Guided Imagery CD

2. Weight Loss Subliminal CD

3. Attract Money & Wealth Subliminal CD

4. Lower Blood Pressure Subliminal CD

5. Improve Your Golf Game Subliminal CD


New Releases

Get Organized / End Clutter Subliminal CD

Have Amazing Charisma Subliminal CD

Improve Your Martial Arts Skills Subliminal CD

Improve Your Self Confidence Subliminal CD

Improve Your Self Esteem Subliminal CD

Improve Your Time Management Skills Subliminal CD

Make Peace with your Past Subliminal CD

Men, Get More Confidence with Women Subliminal CD

Overcome Fear of Computers Subliminal CD

Control PMS Symptoms Subliminal CD

Learn to Play Musical Instruments Easily

Stop Online Porn Addiction Subliminal CD

Stop Gambling Addiction Subliminal CD

Overcome Fear of Flying Subliminal CD

Control Irritable Bowel Syndrome Subliminal CD

Control Arthritis Pain Subliminal CD

Coming Soon

Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD

Overcome Fear of Flying Hypnosis CD

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Subliminal CD

Play Better Football Subliminal CD

Play Better Basketball Subliminal CD

Play Better Soccer Subliminal CD

Cleaner, More Organized Desk Subliminal CD

Stop Stuttering Subliminal CD

Better Gymnastics Subliminal CD

Better Cheerleading Subliminal CD





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