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Winter Springs, FL 32708


This Guided Imagery CD is incredibly effective for improving and maintaining your health.

Was $24.99, Now: $19.99!    




How does it work?

...Simply listen while relaxing once a day.  As you listen, it will begin to open your mind for an amazing new experience.  Once you use this powerful program, you will feel the immediate effects of the relaxation and find your mind and body reacting in more healthy ways

Try it!

Your sleep will become more restful and healing.  Your energy will begin to increase.  If you already have good health, this is a great enhancer toward your personal health and fitness.  If you have been ill, this powerful audio program will assist your healing and allow your body to re-energize.

The most sophisticated digital recording and processing available was used in its production. The sounds of ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music combine to enhance your relaxation while William H. Brown's soothing voice guides you through a tranquil visual trek that helps to heal and connect your body and mind.  Play this recording over and over again even while you sleep. Your physical health will begin to strengthen within a few days of use.  This program is great for increasing your immune system.

You are what you think!

Our Mind/Body connection guided imagery is very popular with those recovering from cancer and/or surgery.  No matter how serious your illness, your mind and body need to work together to insure complete recovery.  Those who know about healing recommend this CD. 

Allow this powerful audio CD to work for you NOW!

What is Mind/Body Healing?

Mind/Body Healing is the amazing connection between your mind (brain and nervous system) and your body.  Your body is interconnected and controlled by your brain and brainwaves.  For thousands of years, science and healers have told us of this incredible connection.  Now, this powerful audio CD program will assist in increasing your Mind/Body Connection.  By following the Guided Imagery and directions on this CD, your mind will begin to connect the neuromotor pathways for healing.

Research consistently shows that we become what we believe.  If we believe and think positively about our health, our immune system flourishes.  Your good health increases.  And your body awareness increases. 

Your subconscious is turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, protecting your mind and body from outside threats.  Training and strengthening this connection creates an amazing healing effect that you can turn on to heal and maintain your body.

Track One:  Contains voice, ocean waves, specific frequencies and music.

Track Two:  Contains ocean waves, specific frequencies and music (no voice).


This Audio CD is endorsed by the Surgical Patient Support Program as well as the Cancer Patient Support Program.

The back of the CD box reads:  

This Audio CD is a powerful and unique introduction for your Mind/Body Connection.  Allow this Audio Program to guide you through an amazing journey that will truly enhance and build your body's immune system.  Whether you have had a serious illness or whether your health has been unstable, this CD is designed to increase and maintain your body's true internal health mechanisms.  Your body's cellular structure will begin to change and protect you with natural immunity and healing.  Scientific Research has shown that your body's immune system can be strengthened through guided imagery, relaxing music and nature sounds.  This audio program was developed with the technology that utilizes these variables and much more.  Enjoy!

Was $24.99... Now: $19.99!      Buy now!       

You can also purchase this CD as part of a money saving CD Set! 

Click to hear
audio sample:


What are people saying about this CD?

“A very helpful CD! Recommended for anyone wanting to heal their body! A++”
George K.
Preston, CT

“One of the best hypno CD's I've seen, easy transaction, fast delivery, recommend”
– Jennifer S.
Kaufman TX

“Very calming and soothing...I love this CD. Thanks!”
Janine M.
Nashville, TN

“Fantastic...! Always fast! Items as described or better!!”
Irene L.
Stockholm, NJ

“Great CD and fast service”
Carol Y.

Portland, OR

“What a relaxing cd...thanks...”
– Maryann T.
Philadelphia, PA

“great goodies, thanks heaps”
– Jackie K.
Victoria AU

“Very pleased with item and seller”
– Mary L.
Rio Rancho, NM

“Thank you!”
– Brooke B.
N. Hollywood, CA

“[J]ust what I thought it would be”
Jennifer M. Stone Lake, WI

“Arrived safely. Great CD Thanks.”
– Greg S.
Boise, ID

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This CD can also be purchased as part of a money saving CD Set!  

Save $12 by purchasing the Maximize Health CD Set!

Mind / Body Healing Guided Imagery CD