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If you would like to get noticed and command attention so you can live life to the fullest...

...Let this CD help you now!

Price: $14.99

What is charisma?

Charismatic people have "magnetic" personalities. They thrive in social situations; people are drawn to them and find them irresistible. They are often the center of attention. With charisma, you will command respect, attention and exude confidence. Those with charisma get what they want with their charm and amazing presence. They have an uncanny ability to lead, persuade, inspire and influence people with their positive energy and allure.

How can I develop more charisma?

...Simply listen while resting, sleeping, working or playing. Meanwhile, your subconscious mind will soak in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will help you have a powerful presence, cool confidence and irresistible charm!

How does listening to this CD help?

This CD contains hundreds of positive statements chosen to encourage and develop your charisma. The affirmations are masked by beautiful music and soothing ocean waves that enhance your relaxation. You hear no audible words or voices, only music and nature sounds. Although the words aren't audible, they are there and they are powerful!

Meanwhile, as you focus on something else, or just while relaxing, the subliminal affirmations take hold in your subconscious mind giving you the guidance you need to help you develop a magnetic personality. The affirmations are designed to bring about safe, healthy and permanent changes in your life. You can change your old patterns of thought simply by listening to this powerful subliminal CD!

Start to exhibit charisma through your behavior, body language, speech and choice of words TODAY.

You can live life to the fullest!

Take the first step to transforming yourself by listening to this CD. You deserve to have a full and successful life. You deserve to command respect and attention. This CD will help you to develop charismatic behaviors.

Why should I buy a Mind Design recording?

This subliminal CD was produced with the most advanced digital recording and processing equipment available today.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Christian Flint, uses his unique expertise as a sound engineer and musician and the knowledge he acquired through his Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling to create this powerful CD for your benefit.

With so many subliminal products on the market, be cautious to purchase only real subliminal recordings with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) affirmations. Proper production, recording, scripting, and duplication are vital in creating such a powerful product. Use only the BEST! Trust Mind Design technology and expertise.

Your subconscious mind directs your daily life and routine. Learn to use that power simply by listening.

Change your life today!

This CD was developed as part of the Mind Design Series for Improving Your Life! This enhanced CD relaxes your mind through psychoacoustics and subliminal affirmations.  With this CD, you'll find your negative thought patterns begin to change.

It's important to understand that EVERYTHING about your thought process, life and routine BEGIN with your mind.  Before, to achieve proper and healthy optimism, to relax or to stop your mind from racing negatively, etc... ALL took a conscious effort on your part.  We help you by cutting out the need for that "willpower".  We create neuromotor pathways that change your cycles of negativity and anxiety. 

While listening to this CD, you will find yourself developing more charisma and will experience more peaceful and relaxing sleep, so you can wake up feeling rested, clear headed and optimistic!

Allow this powerful audio CD to work for you NOW!

Running time is approximately one hour.

Do not use this CD while driving or where safety or significant alertness is required.

Price: $14.99

Buy Now!

This CD can be used by everyone! 

Disclaimer:  If you have serious depression or thoughts of suicide, you may have a diagnosable medical or mental condition that needs professional attention.  Please see a Medical Doctor to possibly diagnose any mental, emotional or physical problems that may require professional intervention and/or medication.  In most cases, this CD can still be used in conjunction with medications and professional treatment.  Consult your physician if you have any questions prior to using this CD in conjunction with any medications or treatment they may have prescribed.  This CD is regularly recommended by Health Care Professionals as an adjunct to medical and psychological treatment.


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“These CDs really work. I have most of them… Thank you”
Juliet H.
Cardiff, UK

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