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Suffering from insomnia?
Wake up constantly during the night for no reason?
Get more than eight hours of sleep, but still wake up exhausted?

...Let this CD help you now!

Price: $14.99

If you are having trouble sleeping, this CD is for you! 

Deep, restful sleep is vital for our immune system and for a healthy body.  Studies have shown that without appropriate sleep, your body's immunity decreases leaving you more susceptible to illness and disease.  Your body requires healthy sleep and rest in order to adequately function. 

Also, without appropriate and restful sleep, work performance slows, attention span decreases, you are more prone to accidents and you suffer from lack of joy and happiness in your life.  Proper sleep is necessary for healthy, daily functioning for your personal and professional life.

Your subconscious mind directs your daily life and routine.

You can listen to this CD while resting, sleeping, working or playing (preferably before bed). Meanwhile, your subconscious mind will soak in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin to transform you into a healthier, more rested YOU!

The most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today was used in creating this CD for you. Sounds of ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music enhances your relaxation. You hear no audible words or voices (but they are there). Play this recording over and over again while you relax or prepare for sleep.

This CD was developed as part of the Mind Design Series for Improving your Health.  This enhanced CD relaxes your mind through psychoacoustics and subliminal affirmations. 

With this CD, you'll find your routine and patterns of sleep begin to change.  It's important to understand that EVERYTHING about your sleep cycles BEGIN with your mind.  To get appropriate sleep, to relax, to stop your mind from racing, etc... ALL now take a conscious effort on your part.  We help you by cutting out the need for that "willpower".  We create neuromotor pathways that change your cycles of rest and relaxation

These new neuromotor pathways are the natural occurrence that begins with every new change in your life.  Allow this powerful audio CD to work for you NOW!

While listening to this CD, you will find yourself dozing off into a peaceful, relaxing sleep, only to wake up feeling rested, clear headed and ready for the day ahead!

  Don't believe us? Try it!

This CD can be used by everyone!

Even those with a newborn have found this CD to helpful in quieting a baby for sleep and creating a routine for the newborn.  Play this CD at lower volumes when you want the baby to rest and sleep.  Turn it off, when the baby is to be awake and alert.  This can greatly assist you as a new parent to quiet and satisfy a newborn so you can get the rest and sleep you deserve!

Running time is approximately one hour.

Do not use this CD while driving or where safety or significant alertness is required.

Price: $14.99

Buy Now!


Disclaimer:  If you have serious sleep disturbances or constant insomnia, you may have a diagnosable medical or mental condition that needs professional attention.  Please see a Medical Doctor to possibly diagnose any sleep problems or disturbances that may require professional intervention and/or medication.  In most cases, this CD can still be used in conjunction with medications and professional treatment.  Consult your physician if you have any questions prior to using this CD in conjunction with any medications or treatment they may have prescribed.  This CD is regularly recommended by Healthcare Professionals as an adjunct to medical and psychological treatment.


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audio sample:


What are people saying about
this CD?

Excellent product, smooth transaction!! Would buy from again! AAA+++
-- Eleanor M-B.
Green Bay
, WI

“Absolutely Perfect!! Lightning Fast Ship, Just as described! Thanks so much!! =)”
-- Ricci S.
Glendale, AZ

“WONDERFUL SLEEP A+++++++++ SELLER A+++++++++++”
-- Linda S.-F.
San Marcos, CA

“My appreciation & THANKS to you!!”
-- ReAnna S.
Scappoose, OR

“Fantastic.. Just as described, great service and fast delivery.. Thanks AA+++”
-- Philip V.
Spanaway, WA

I have been using Mind Design's subliminal CD's over the past several months & have experienced deep and significant changes by listening to them. Sleep is a big issue with Fibromyalgia but I have been a lifelong insomniac & I am sleeping so much better since using this CD & I have tried EVERYTHING! When I start having very occasional sleep problems again I start listening to it again & get back to a reasonable sleep schedule almost immediately.
Sky W. -- Delray Beach, FL

Good deal all the way - thanks
-- Eric B.
Lancaster, PA

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