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Is online porn addiction affecting your work, your family or your personal life?

Does your willpower need a boost? Want to break the binds of porn addiction

Is it time you made a change for the better?

...let this CD help you now!

Price: $14.99

How does it work?

...Simply listen while working, sleeping, relaxing or playing. Meanwhile, your subconscious mind will soak in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin assisting your body and mind to break free of porn addiction! 

The most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today were used in producing this powerful CD. The background combines soothing ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music to enhance your relaxation. You hear no audible words or voices (but they are there).

Allow this recording to play over and over while you sleep. The craving to search online for will begin to diminish almost immediatelyYour willpower against porn will begin to strengthen within a few days of use.  This program is also great for increasing relaxation. 

It is very effective in releasing shame, guilt or anxiety which is normal for anyone who is breaking free of an addiction.  If you have been addicted for many years or for just a short time, this will help you regain control of your life and give you back the emotional health you have lost. It will also help reestablish a healthy offline sex life.   

Additionally, you will feel motivated to exercise and eat healthy foodsYour sleep will become more restful and healing.   If you have been ill, this powerful audio program will assist your healing and allow your body to re-energize. 

The subliminal CDs called Love & Accept Others and Positive Attitude / Beat Depression, by Mind Design also offer great support to assist you in your personal journey to end addiction.

BREAK FREE from Addiction!

Allow this powerful audio CD to work for you NOW!

Running time is approximately one hour.

Do not use this CD while driving or where safety or significant alertness is required.

Price: $14.99

Buy Now!

Disclaimer:  This CD Program is not to be used in place of appropriate medical/psychological treatment or diagnosis.  This CD can be used in conjunction with medications and treatment programs designed for alcohol addiction and recovery.  If you have questions about your specific condition or program, please consult your physician. 


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What are people saying about
this CD?

“Excellent Product, Fast Shipping."
Azfar N.
Albany, NY

“Fast shipping, good communication... Excellent!! Thanks guys A++”
– Todd
Gibson, GA

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great with
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Stop Online Porn Addiction Subliminal CD