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While we have spent years perfecting our general line of CDs, we are always happy to create custom products for your unique level of development and self-improvement.


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Would you love a juicy burger with fries?
Do you feel “Supersized”?
Would you like to stop the cravings NOW?

...let this CD help you TODAY!

Price: $14.99


Subliminal Audio CDs are fast becoming the new way to modify your life and habits.  Simply by listening as you sleep, work, relax or surf online, your neuromotor pathways will be stimulated to change your patterns and behaviors.

If your lifestyle and metabolism have slowed, then this CD will begin transforming your life after a couple of uses.  Listening to it over and over will begin to stop your cravings and change your sedentary habits.  You will be motivated to eat healthy, exercise, get more restful sleep, and to live a healthier way of life.  Once your lifestyle begins to change and your unhealthy cravings have stopped, you will notice the weight beginning to disappear.


Make diets a thing of your past!  Reprogramming your subconscious is the most effective way to stop cravings, lose weight and keep it off!

Your success is our success!

Allowing your subconscious mind to be engaged while mentally controlling your body is the easiest, most effective way to stop food cravings. You will feel more in control of your eating and exercise habits.

Your subconscious mind directs your body’s daily functions and focus. Use that power to stop your cravings through this powerful CD!

You can listen while sleeping, working, or playing. Meanwhile, your subconscious mind soaks in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin transforming your figure into a healthier, slimmer YOU!

This subliminal CD was produced and created using the most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today.  Soothing sounds of ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music to enhance your relaxation. You will hear no audible words or voices (but they are there).  Allow this recording to play over and over again while you sleep, relax or prepare for sleep. Your cravings will begin to decrease within a few days of use. You will feel motivated to eat healthy foods as well as to exercise.

Allow this powerful audio CD to work for you!

Subliminal messages are carefully embedded within the music and nature sounds.  Hundreds of these positive affirmations and Neurolinguistic Programming permeate the subconscious mind.  Many clients notice immediate effects within a couple hours of use.  Your cravings for fatty and unhealthy foods will subside and disappear.  Your body's metabolism will change.  You will have new energy.  And, your body will begin to tone down to a slimmer, more beautiful physique.

Latest research shows that diet companies have become a BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS!  These corporations are now capitalizing on our over-eating and unhealthy lifestyle.  Change the way you live your life and how you think about food so the weight can begin to naturally disappear!  You will find your lifestyle and metabolism begin to change automatically.  Spending unnecessary money on diets and special foods will become a thing of the past!

Keep in mind that diets only work long enough for you to lose a few pounds.  Then the tendency is to gain the weight right back.  The problem isn't you.  The problem is your lifestyle and eating habitsThis CD programs your subconscious to change these unhealthy habits.  You subconsciously put the weight on.  Now, undo the negative patterns and reprogram your subconscious mind.  The extra pounds will begin to disappear.  Your life will change.

This CD was developed as part of the Mind Design Series for Improving Your Life!  Listening relaxes your mind through psychoacoustics and subliminal affirmations. This program is great for getting the extra support you need to lose weight. You'll find your negative health patterns changing to positive routines.
It's important to understand that EVERYTHING about your thought process, life, and routine BEGIN with your mind. Achieve proper and healthy habits by relaxing and stopping negative influences. Before, it took a conscious effort on your part, now we help you by cutting out the need for willpower.  We create neuromotor pathways that change your cycles of negativity and anxiety.  While listening to this CD, you will find yourself becoming more in control of your health and eating habits.  Try it!

These new neuromotor pathways naturally occur during every new change in your life. Allow this powerful audio CD to work for you NOW!

Running time is approximately one hour.

Do not use this CD while driving or where safety or significant alertness is required.

Price: $14.99

Buy Now!

To save $12, purchase Stop Fast Food Cravings as part of the money-saving Weight Loss Subliminal CD Set! 

This CD is for anyone serious about stopping fast food cravings!

Disclaimer:  Consult your physician if you have any questions prior to using this CD in conjunction with any medications or treatment they may have prescribed.

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Stop Fast Food Cravings Subliminal CD